Sunday Services: The Sunday After Holy Cross

On Sunday, September 20th, we will be celebrating the Sunday After Holy Cross. Ā Orthros begins at 9 AM, followed by Divine Liturgy at 10 AM. Please join us for prayer and worship. All are welcome.

It is also theĀ firstĀ day of Saint George Church School. Ā After Holy Communion, children and teachers will proceed to the classrooms.

Fellowship Hour is being hosted by Roula Leristis. Ā Thank you, Roula, andĀ Ī§ĻĻŒĪ½Ī¹Ī± Ļ€ĪæĪ»Ī»Ī¬!

HisĀ Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios, has asked that September 20th be a day of rememberance for the victims who died or were forced to flee their homes as a result violence in Turkey during the first-half of the Twentieth Century. He also asks “that you offer prayers for the millions of refugees who are experiencing great loss and threats today”.


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