Sunday of Orthodoxy

This Sunday, March first, is the first Sunday of Great Lent and we will be celebrating the Triumph of Orthodoxy.  Please join us for Orthros at 9 am and Divine Liturgy at 10 am.  Also, parishioners are invited to bring a favorite icon to church with them.  Fellowship hour will follow in Hellenic Hall.  Please bring a Lenten dish to share.

stjohn_of_damascusThe period of iconoclasm in the eighth century was a very dark time in our Church’s history. ¬†Pictured in this icon is Saint John of Damascus, who defended the use of icons despite the risk of death. ¬†A resolution was reached in 787 by the Seventh Ecumenical Council who wrote, in part:

“Each time one sees them [the saints] represented in an icon, one is incited to contemplate them and to recall their prototypes; greater love for these is engendered by venerating them, not with that full veneration which belongs to God alone, but in the same way as we render homage to the image of the precious, life-giving cross, to the Holy Gospel and to other sacred objects…For the honor given to the icon goes to its prototype and he who venerates the icon venerates the one who is represented.”

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