Paraklesis to the Mother of God – Tuesday Nights

We will be chanting the service of Paraklesis to the Mother of God at 6 PM on the following Tuesdays: October 27th and November 3rd.  The service usually takes about forty-five minutes.  Everyone may participate.  Books containing the words are available for people to follow along.  Please join us!

Many parishioners in our church enjoy singing the Paraklesis Service to the Mother of God.  We meet on most Tuesday evenings.  This prayer service in sung in the traditional Byzantine melody using a mixture of Greek and English.  It is led by parishioners.  Through these lovely hymns of praise, we ask for the Virgin Mary to help, protect, and intercede for us- on behalf of ourselves, our loved ones, and the entire world.  Most Holy Theotokos save us!archangmichael


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