Our Church Library and Bookstore

Our church library and bookstore have a number of spiritually valuable books for all levels, children to adults. Do make an effort to avail yourself with a timely purchase of a book or borrow one from our library on wheels which is always in Hellenic Hall. You will be the one to benefit.

One of the books in stock is Father Ted’s new book, “Encouraged by the Scriptures,” a collection of nine essays centered on themes of Christ and the Bible. As Fr. Ted notes in his preface: “How these two foci, Christ and the Bible, are theologically and spiritually connected, interpreted, and applied in the theology and life of the Church, with reference to significant contemporary issues is the overarching burden and theme of these essays.”

Among the themes touched on are: Christ as the life of the world; suffering according to Paul; and issues of sacred scripture and Christian unity. Readers familiar with Father Ted’s other books, for example, The Way of Christ: Gospel, Spiritual Life and Renewal in Orthodoxy, and his immensely useful little book, Bread for Life: Reading the Bible (which, in my humble estimation, every parishioner should read) will welcome once again the elegance, clarity, incisiveness, and spiritual depth of his writing.

Father Ted asks many vital questions, discusses multiple spiritual issues, and provides guidance to striving Christians. Just some of the many that stand out are: “…biblical study must be true to the central, saving message of the scriptures pertaining to Christ, the gift of the Spirit, the new creation, the liberation of life from the forces of evil…” And “What does it mean to refer to the Bible as the ‘word of God’? What does it mean to make appeals to ‘tradition’? How do faith, prayer, creed, proclamation, teaching, and practice form a seamless whole?” How many thoughtful questions and issues raised! How many wonderfully lucid, profound, and spiritually insightful observations are offered!

We have copies of this elucidating work at St. George.

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