Father Ted’s Archives

The Rev. Dr. Father Theodore Stylianopoulos served the St. George community from 1978 until his retirement on October 28, 2012. Because of his extensive knowledge as well as his insights and wisdom, we have archived his popular Ask Father Ted questions and answers as well as his Monthly Messages.

Ask Father Ted

Father Ted encouraged the faithful of St. George to ask questions about God, the Orthodox Church, Christian history, the practice of our faith, and our traditions. Select a month and year and then “View” to read questions and answers from April 2010 (when the column began) through November 2012.

Monthly Message from Father Ted

Father Ted’s monthly message is intended as a teaching communication with the faithful of St. George. It usually deals with topics on Orthodox worship and theology, Orthodox spirituality and life, and/or contemporary issues. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Select a month and year and then “View” to read Father Ted’s monthly messages from January 2010 through November 2012.