Mother’s Day and Sunday of the Paralytic

MothersDaySunday, May 11, Sunday of the Paralytic
Matins (Oρθρος): 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy (Θεία Λειτουργία): 10:00 am
Epistle: Acts 9:32-42
Gospel: John 5:1-15
Fr. Leo Schefe officiating.
Church School immediately following Holy Communion.
Fellowship Hour will be held as usual.
Everyone is welcome.
BLESSINGS ON OUR PRECIOUS MOTHERS On this day set aside on the secular calendar to honor our mothers, we give special thanks for who you are and what you have given to each of us. There is not one here without a mother, whether present in this world or gone on to the world to come. Thank you, dear mothers, for everything—may we be worthy to carry your legacy forward, all the good that we took from your influence over the years to share it with others. God bless you and for those departed, may your memories be eternal!

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