Holy Week Liturgical Schedule 2018

11 Mar

March 31, Lazarus Saturday, 10 am Liturgy & Memorial Service for all our departed parishioners.

April 1, Sunday of the Palms, 9:30 am Orthros, 9:50 am Blessing of Palms, 10am Liturgy.

April 4, Holy Wednesday, 7 pm Mystery of the Holy Anointing.

April 5, Holy Thursday, 9:00am Liturgy of St. Basil, 7 pm The Holy Passion & procession with the Great Cross.

April 6, Holy Friday, Royal Hours 8am, 3pm Vespers of the Removal of Christ from the Cross, 7 pm The Great Lamentations at the Tomb of Christ.

April 7/8, Holy Saturday 9:00 am The Mystical Liturgy of St. Basil with the sprinkling of the petals; 11:30 pm The Holy Office, The Holy Light & Procession, the Orthros Canon and 12:15 the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

April 8, Holy Pascha (Easter Sunday)

Fr. Eugen will be serving on: Palms Sunday, Holy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Midnight Resurrection service and Liturgy.

On Holy Thursday, after Divine Liturgy, Fr. Eugen will visit the sick and those who unable to attend Church to offer the Holy Communion.

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