First Annual Vasilopita Auction

vasilopitaSUNDAY, JANUARY 12, during fellowship hour
St. George will hold its first Annual Vasilopita Auction to benefit St. Basil Academy in New York. All those who are able are asked to bake and bring a Vasilopita for the auction. The more that are made and available for auction, the more money can be raised for the Academy and the more enjoyment of breads by the whole congregation! High bidders can keep their Vasilopita.

What is Vasilopita? The word Vasilopita is a compound Greek word which means the sweet ‘bread of Basil’.

Look for a Vasilopita recipe in your favorite Greek cookbook or click here for a recipe or scroll down. BE SURE TO PLACE A FOIL WRAPPED COIN INTO THE BATTER BEFORE BAKING. According to tradition, when each bread is cut, the person who receives the slice of bread with the coin receives a special blessing for the New Year!

St. Basil Academy is a state licensed Greek Orthodox Residential Childcare facility. The Academy provides love, shelter, food, education, protection and a home for orphans, children of chronically ill or destitute parents or children from broken homes. St. Basil Academy is unique because it is the only national not-for-profit philanthropic center of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese which provides care for Orthodox children in need. Click here to learn more about St. Basil Academy.

2 cubes butter
2 cups sugar
5 eggs
3 cups flour
3 tsp baking powder
¾ cup whipped cream or half & half
3 TBSP liquor (brandy, ouzo or Grand Marnier)

Cream together butter and sugar.

Add eggs one at a time and beat on medium speed just until each egg is blended in.

After the last egg is added beat until it is blended in and not much longer.

Measure out the dry ingredients before sifting.

Sift the dry ingredients together twice to blend well.

Add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture on low speed in three parts alternating with the whipping cream in two parts. (In other words 1/3 of the dry then 1/2 of the cream then 1/3 of the dry then 1/2 of the cream and ending with 1/3 of the dry.) Blend after each addition until just mixed in. Scrape sides of bowl after each addition. Continue to mix after last addition until just all the ingredients are blended.

Add liquor at the end and mix on low speed until just blended in.

Pour batter into buttered pan and level out with spatula.

Add blanched slivered almonds sprinkled over the top, if desired.

Use a 10″ spring form pan. Butter the inside of the pan all over then cut a piece of parchment paper out for the bottom and butter it as well. Set the oven temp to 340 and bake it for 75 minutes or until the middle springs back when lightly pressed with your finger. After about 30 minutes or when the top is a rich golden brown, cover it with foil to keep it from getting overly dark. The sides and bottom get a dark brown but not burnt and do not detract from the flavor. Take the cake out of the pan after letting it cool for about 10 minutes.

It is delicious and rich like a pound cake. Avoid over-baking it.



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