Feast of the Holy Great Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer

icon1-Kevin-smallApril 23 is the Feast Day of St. George, our church’s patron saint. However, because the Feast Day falls during Lent, we will observe St. George Day on Monday, May 6th.

This great and wonderful athlete of Christ’s was the son of a wealthy and high-ranking Cappadocian family. George having lost his father at the age of ten, his mother Polychronia, who had become a Christian without her husband’s knowledge, returned to Palestine, her homeland, and brought up her son in the evangelical virtues. Handsome, intelligent and refined in manner, George embarked on a military career at the age of eighteen. He pleased his superiors and was quickly promoted to the rank of tribune in the imperial guard, and then, it would appear, to that of prefect. Continue reading about St. George…

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