Pysanky (Ukrainian) Egg Decorating

pyzansky-eggsOn Wednesday, April 23, St. George’s Feast, our church will welcome multi-talented artist Karen Charbonneau Zukas, for a hands-on workshop on the craft of pysanky egg decoration. This is a batik (wax-resist) form of egg decoration that is quite beautiful! This will be a wonderful opportunity for anyone in our community who would like to learn by trying their hand at this craft of Ukrainian egg decoration, which is an Orthodox art form.

Pysanky eggs are traditionally blessed and exchanged during the celebration of Holy Pascha. It is fitting that we should celebrate Holy Pascha’s week-long, happy day with this special opportunity. Visit this link to learn more about pysanky eggs.

The workshop will be held in Hellenic Hall beginning at 11:30AM. Ten spots are available, please contact Pres. Candace at (857) 210-7945 or to sign up.

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